Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bisexual Married Guys are HOT?!?!

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A comment from a reader prompted me to write this post. Thanks Lucifer the Devil/Angel!

Some guys find married bisexual guys HOT! They are attracted to them and most are unable to clearly explain what it is that they find attractive about married bisexual guys. Maybe, as one has explained, married bisexual guys are the forbidden fruit. Its the mind that makes the guy desire to explore the forbidden.

To some, they have this image that married guys are manly, fatherly and most likely to have a tummy. To others, the mere fact that the guy is married and bisexual is totally sexy and if he is in good shape and with a good looking face to boot, that's a bonus!

While there are some guys who totally cannot accept bisexuality and detest married bisexual guys or gays who just married to hide their identity. They do not like the fact that married guys have one foot in this side.

In my conversations with most guys who are attracted to married bisexual guys, the most common thread seems to be that they find married bisexual guys passionate in bed! They have commented that married guys know what they want and are good performers!

Personally, I discovered this side after I got married and after I was exposed to the internet. Am I passionate in bed? You have to find out yourself! haha...
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  1. arghh!!! forbidden fruits!!

    is this post dedicated to me? u've just written exactly how i feel towards bisexuals!

    now this is what i call intelligent. =)

  2. I personally do not prefer bisexual guys and for married bisexual guys to be involved with another guy, I really despise them. Those guys are being unfaithful. Guys on the both side are ruining a marriage and a family.

  3. yeah i agree with pikey.

    but for me it's not just about bisexuality. I think if you're already committed to someone, you shouldn't be doing it with anyone else. Just isn't fair to your other half.

  4. Some may think that bi-married man are more matured, manly and discreet compare to gays. However, this is subjective and dependent on ones preference.

  5. @Lucifer: you are my inspiration! haha...

    @pikey & J-boy: totally respect your stand on this and appreciate your comments here!

  6. @Sky: one man's meat is another man's poison! to each his own!

  7. For me, you are probably the first bi guy that come close to having a little conversation, at least over the cyber space...;-D

    Am actually keen to know their perspectives in life

  8. @Ng: thank you! straight, gay or bi, we are all humans! your wish will be granted!

  9. i know u feel wat drew posted today, skyhawk since both of u share the similarity

  10. @Darren: You know, he knows and I knows!!! ;-)

  11. married guys are exotic, however my only issue is that i'll be the mistress. and what if the wife finds out and/or confronts me with a slap? warning? threats? its a risk too huge for me to take in most cases...

    the fox isnt exactly that fond of dangerous grapes...