Monday, July 19, 2010

Writer's Block!!!

Have not been posting anything for a while. Guess I have the writer's block!

Actually, I have written one post which I have not published as I am apprehensive and a unfinished post which I had not gotten about to complete. Being feeling quite lost about everything, don't really know what to write!

I will be back with some intelligent discourse to bore you all soon!
Anyone out there who got any suggestions!


  1. No more interesting encounter(s) to share meh?

  2. looks like you are more interested in the spicy saucy stuff that I relate here! LMAO...

  3. a married bisexual. ahah. this is interesting. =p

  4. @Lucifer, the devil himself? haha..
    tell me what is it about a married bisexual that intrigues you? pray tell!!

  5. nah i'm more like angel i suppose.

    erm...i'm not really a fan of bisexuals after getting exploited (not physically) by one some time ago. he's married.

    bisexuals are forbidden fruits. (this is the rational me speaking)

    but the thing is, bisexuals are HOT! i guess it makes no harm to befriend one (this is the desperate me speaking).


  6. To my opinion, bisexuals are not forbidden; neither nor for bi-married guy. I supposed there are many failed cases for single gay couples.

  7. @Lucifer, angel or devil is for the rest to decide! hehe.. befriending one might lead to a case of Eve, tread carefully! LMAO...

    @Sky, to each their own, i guess!