Monday, July 5, 2010

Gym Guy - Episode 3

The meeting that required 1 week advance notice was finally confirmed when I sent KC a text message last Thursday to confirm the coffee date.

On that day, we met up at the Jacky Chan Cafe in Lot 10. He ordered green tea as he is health conscious. Up close, he is really handsome looking with fair almost flawless skin and a Korean looking face and a muscular body to boot. If he is taller than his 171cm frame, he could be a Korean pop star!! haha...

We chatted lots of stuff but our conversation mostly centred on my family, his university hostel days, his family and his job. He is a financial planner and given his handsome face, I thought there would be some interesting incidents for him to share.

So, I probed.

Me: Have you met any demanding clients? I mean any aunties who would hint hint at something?

KC: Oh yes, some rich mistresses are my clients and they introduce their friends to me. They always call me to come out for coffee and/or ask me to go to their place to "discuss" their insurance needs!

Me: So, what do they do?

KC: Err... (reluctant to give details)

Me: Do their hands rub your chest or your arms etc?

KC: Ya lah! They never bother to ask also and just proceed to rub rub. Some would say my arms are so muscular or my chest is so nice, etc.

Me: How do you react? Did it go on further?

KC: Err... (silence)

Me: Ok ok. Are there male clients who do that?

KC: Of course, some of these uncles are really daring. One insisted that I meet him at his place, giving all sorts of excuses when I suggest some public places. All these aunties and uncles never bother to ask me before they try anything on me!

Me: Aiyoh, you really expect them to ask you? These kind of things, people normally don't ask for fear of rejection. They rather do it and see the response. For example, if I asked you "Can I kiss you?", what would you have replied? You would have said "No!" surely.

KC: I would consider. (to my total surprise!!)

I really did not know how to react to that. After chatting with him for almost 4 hours, we left for our individual home.

Will we meet again? Well, we will bump into each in the gym off and on!


  1. The making of gym romance, keep coming! time invite me!

  2. Sky: sure i can invite u but u better not drool when u meet him!!! Doc will kill me!!! LMAO...