Sunday, July 25, 2010


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Reading a blog relating a doctor examining a fisherman and intentionally re-examining the ripped abdomen of the fisherman prompted me to write this. The doctor was feeling a rush of adrenaline with his heart racing with desire but was able to contain his urge to lick the patient's nipples and resist the temptation.

Indeed guys are the sexually physical ones!! Gay guys are especially tempted to, and most often give in to their urges when faced with an opportunity to "conquer" a subject that attracts them.

Staying faithful to your gay lover or practicing monogamy has always been an issue with most gay couples. It seems to be something that is difficult for most given the vast opportunities to stray. But there are those who insists on being faithful and practicing monogamy.

Some couples practice an open relationship. Some others, play individually with the partner not wanting to know any details but being aware of such infidelity. Yet some play together.

What is it about guys that makes them so sexually attuned to their groin?? My guess is it's the hormones!! And the willingness of guys to engage in some fun when mutually attracted makes things easy!

What about straight guys? Well, guys no matter straight or gay or bisexual are prone to yield to the rumblings within their groin. The difference? Gays have more opportunities to stray!
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  1. hello, the first paragraph sounds very familiar. hahaha.

    hey i m a student ok? not yet a dr.

  2. @Lucifer: told you that you are my inspiration!

  3. hmmm... being faithful is an important trait..

  4. We all make different relationships :) Just depends on who you fall for!

  5. @pikey: it may be to you but its not to others.

    @savante: that's the fairest comment yet!

  6. guys are the same be it gay or str8...plu relationship is fragile because there is no commitment like kids and marriage.

  7. I agree that gay has more opportunities to stray but I reckon to Pikey's belief that faithfulness is the key....

    @Darren: Commitment isn't equal to truth love, it's just a legal relationship that bonds 2 parties together....even though plu love can be fragile, but it's full of passion and it can be developed well if both are faithful and in love!