Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life being the forbidden fruit!

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Some gays are intrigued by married bisexuals and I am often inundated with questions about my life. Gay friends tend to think that married bisexual guys have the best of both worlds being able to have fun with both sexes! There may be some truth in that but living a double life is not easy.

While some would like to keep their orientation from their gay friends, I take the measure to ensure that gay guys I befriend are clear of my status right from the start. Why? Well, I do not want them to be shocked when they bump into my family and me while at the shopping malls. In fact, without my knowledge, a bisexual friend bumped into me with his girlfriend and respectfully kept his distance. I find most gays respect my honesty about my status and keep their distance when they see me with my family or clients.

Being bisexual I have to tread very carefully lest the cat slips out of the bag while the family is watching. The desire for the touch of a guy is in conflict with the life that I am known to be leading, that of a man with a spouse and kids.

Some gays view married bisexual guys as rife with greed, wanting it all; having the cake and eating it. I have total respect for that and they are entitled to their opinions.

Yes, I have had emotional entanglements with a few guys but believe me, those were not consciously embarked upon. I have always told myself that its not fair to be emotionally involved with any guy and its better to keep the bonding merely physical. But then, just like sodium when added to water will have an explosive reaction, both guys might fall for each other despite knowing the intricacies of such a clandestine relationship.

So while on a physical note, we might be having the best of both worlds and enjoying ourselves but when the heart is smitten, it can be frustrating!

Love us or hate us, for we are just flesh and blood like all!

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  1. It's always fair to all party if all these are clear beforehand..if they treat this as forbidden fruit, then avoid it.

  2. yeah i think it's a matter of preference too. both parties should be aware of the complications beforehand. drew, don't feel bad.

  3. @Sky: yes, going in with all the facts is important!

    @Lucifer: not feeling bad! in fact, you inspired me! thanks!

  4. would you respond to the question of "Are you in a monogamous relationship?"

    I guess you answer may be "In a relationship which is emotional monogamous (albeit with your wife) but not physically monogamous"

  5. @Ng: u r back to my blog!! welcome back!
    My answer would just a simple straight "No!".