Friday, July 2, 2010


Kissing between lovers is an act of romantic expression with the intensity of sexual feeling. It involves the act of pressing one's lips against the lip's of another person. It evokes the sensations of touch, taste and smell and is an expression of love or affection between two persons. The opening of mouths and the insertion or movement of tongues into the other's mouths is called French kissing. Kissing is also sexual foreplay.

Romantic kissing is best done in privacy as it affords a couple the proximity and intimacy to experience the sensations in full. Kissing evokes a sense of well being that is hard to define. But not everyone is into kissing, some would rather go straight to the main course. Some would reserve it solely for their special ones.

Personally, I am a romantic at heart and I love to kiss. I would even kiss my partner all over his body to explore every nook and cranny possible. Yes, I have kissed a fair bit of guys. The best kisser to me has to be WC, we could kiss and kiss. He has a tender loving way of kissing. Yupp, I miss those kisses!!!


  1. Yes, I love kissing, esp with my lovely BF....we spent a big portion of love making time in french kissing...

  2. huh...u kissed Alan b4 since his initial is WC also...haha

  3. Sky: yes, it is one of the nicest part of love making!

    Darren: yes, I did!!! LMAO...

  4. I love kissing too...long passionate wet kiss...